Recently, Will Cantrell was interviewed in connection with a significant non-compete article published by Medscape. Medscape is a leading national online publisher of medical news and expert perspectives for healthcare professionals. The publication is relied upon by a wide range of healthcare professionals, from physicians, physician assistants, nurses, and medical students, to pharmacists, optometrist, psychologist and dentists.

The article, titled “Can You Break a Noncompete Agreement” was published on November 19, 2018. It provides insights and expert opinions on dealing with non-compete, non-solicit, and similar restrictive covenant agreements in the healthcare industry. Will Cantrell, along with other leading national noncompete attorneys, was quoted at length throughout the article. A pdf copy of the article can be downloaded here. And a direct link to the article can be found here. The direct link to the article may only be available if the user registers for Medscape, which is free.