In 2016, a large south Florida insurance agency sued its former agent and another insurance agency in state court seeking an injunction and damages in connection with a non-compete agreement. Will Cantrell, of Cantrell PLLC, was hired to represent the former agent and the other insurance agency.

As a response, the lawsuit was removed to federal court and the former agent counter-sued the south Florida insurance agency. The counter-suit claimed that the former agent was misclassified as an independent contractor, resulting in unpaid overtime wages, and that certain commissions were not paid. As a result of the unpaid wages, the counter-suit stated that the non-compete was unenforceable and, in addition, the former agent was owed money. The former agent also denied violating the non-compete in the first instance.

In August 2017, after nearly a year of litigation, the federal court approved the parties’ agreement for the south Florida insurance agency to pay its former agent $20,000 and to dismiss the entire lawsuit. No injunction was entered against the former agent or the other insurance agency.

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